Furniture Consignment

ModTiques proudly purchases an array of designer mid-century and Danish Modern pieces. Please see examples of the products we carry throughout the site to get a feel for what we stock, and contact us via the form below if you have any pieces you would like to sell to us.

ModTiques is not an auction house, and we don’t operate like one. Waiting for an auction house to pay you can take months and is costly because you lose both the premium that the buyer has to pay (15-25%) and the 10-20% the auction company charges you. You are also responsible for the time and expense of transporting the items to the auction house yourself. If the pieces you have to sell are a right fit for our store, we will buy your item(s) outright from you, and handle all of the shipping. A courier will pick up your pieces at your convenience. We pay via business check or Paypal at the time of pickup. If you are local and prefer to handle in cash, that can be arranged as well.

At ModTiques we pride ourselves on being fair, compassionate and good to people. We will treat you and your belongings with dignity and respect. Transactions with us are comfortable and friendly. We are not “Wheeler-Dealers” looking to rip people off; we are a community-based company with huge passion for the furniture and we operate our business by treating the products, and all of our customers and buyers, with care.

Please fill out the form in it’s entirety for each item you are interested in selling to us, and someone from our company will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you!