Mid-Century Curtis Jere Crane Floor Lamp


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A finely detailed functional art ‘Crane’ floor lamp by Curtis Jere, signed 1977. The amount of work and detail in this modern lamp is stunning! From the moving flaps around each bulb, to the intricately constructed crane-like stem and arm, to the taught wires holding it to the base, this lamp is a marvel of design. Each lampshade arm articulates up and down and twists so you can turn them side to side. The crane Boom arm pivots up and down. The movie-camera-like shade flaps also move in and out.

Measurement of the height below is when the crane arm is level. When it is fully extended up it can go as high as 76″. The depth measurement (41″) is the length of the crane arm/Boom. The width measurement (21.5″) is diameter of the base.

There is very minor wear, please see pictures. One leg cap is missing, it is hard to notice but I photographed it.


H 53.5 in. x W 41 in. x D 21.5 in.

H 135.89 cm x W 104.14 cm x D 54.61 cm